Market Analysis Exclusive

Course Description

Specially designed by Forex Maestros, the Market Analysis Community (MAC) is a trader's support and mentoring group. It is designed to give beginners and old traders weekly support through live market analysis, resource sharing and mentoring till they become consistently profitable and successful in their trading.


  • To take you by the hand every week until you become successful in trading.
  • To instil the right attitudes and values you need to become a successful traders.
  • To raise a group of active and successful traders with the right discipline and mentality


Eligibility - For beginners and old traders.



Sunday .O

Good afternoon boss. Thank you for all you are doing. I'm so so happy. You have completely changed my life and given me hope in this forex thing. I can now interpret the maestro analysis on the telegram and on my chart based on the training you gave us. I must say, you are a good teacher. You were so patient with us. God bless you.

Mike A.

Mr Conrad is a great man, teacher and mentor. A man who is so passionate about impacting knowledge to his students in the most simplified way; a man who understand his onions when it comes to Forex and everything related to it. I have become way better trader under his tutelage. Before I took this course, I have blown my account back to back but the risk management course opened my eyes on how to manage my account using several strategies and still be profitable. He teaches to the understanding of novice and I just admire his personality. I pray to be part of his team. Than you sir Conrad.


Lola .O

Just want to say thank you. Your training in the past weeks have helped greatly. My account have gone through thick and thin since 2017 but here I am today making so much, applying all you delivered to me. But I promise henceforth to stick to money management so help me God. Thank you so much. God will never allow you to suffer shame in life. You are my hero.