Essential Skills for Professional Traders

Course Description

To develop a strategy, it is best to first conduct a test on the historical performance of that strategy. This course teaches how to automate this process and make it more productive. Now you can find out which parameter of your strategy would produce the best results for you.


Improve your skills, get better results for your strategy, produce strategies for any asset of your choice by yourself.

  • Become a strategy developer, and design strategies on a fly.
  • Learn how to do an automated backtest (No more the pain of manual backtesting).
  • Learn how to simulated automatically in less than 30 minutes Get this Template free, to further develop your own strategy. 
  • Find out the best stoploss that will produce the best results in your strategy.
  • Get a bonus strategy for "busy people".
  • Would be suitable to those who only want to trade part-time.
  • Get another Bonus Strategy on SP500, DJIA, NASDAQ.


Course Outline